THE SENSITIVES – 23. Sep 2016

+ Christmas
Freitag, 23. September 2016
Exzellenzhaus e.V.

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Einlass 20:00 Uhr / Beginn 21:00 Uhr


The Sensitive,
Swedens finest edgy punk rock.

Restless and bored the trio decided to write a bunch of songs, get a van and spend their time on the roads in Europe. Hundreds of shows in over two handfuls of countries later the sweds are now one of the tightest and most intense live bands on the scene.

The punkrock trio are restless flirting with folk, SKA and rock’n’roll combined with the intense mix between the two vocalists Martin and Paulina the energy is on a constant high!
2013 the album Boredom Fighters was released on Sunny Bastards Records and earned the band a lot of respect for the great songwriting and intense switching between the two vocalists. Now the new album Dogs On The Run (Sunny Bastards Records) are finally here, right when the world needs it the most! With hymns against sexism, against racism and tributes to this life and all the great things going on in that we sometimes tend to forget about!

Feets will be moving, hips will be shaking and throats will be singing!



Like siamese twins fucking each other!

“Unglaubliche Liveband!”

” Loose Your Illusion macht richtig Spaß und gehört zu den ganz großen Tipps für den anstehenden Sommer. Christmas hat ganz sicher ihren eigenen Stil und setzten diesen perfekt um. Hier stimmt eigentlich alles.”

“Satanic Rock” klingt unbedarft und macht Spass!” Saar Scene 01/12

“Hier trifft skandinavian rock auf MURDER CITY DEVILS!” Tante Guerilla

“Glamrock im Herzen, Punkrock im Bauch und Scheisse im Kopf.Läuft!” Ox 01/2012

“Für Freunde von Iggy, den Stooges und MC5.” Plastic Bomb





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