TANKARD – 24. Mrz 2017

ACHTUNG! Verlegt ins Exhaus
+ Sacrilegion
+ Ambos
+ Sublind
Freitag, 24. März 2017
Exzellenzhaus e.V.
Webseite: www.exhaus.de

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Exhaus e.V. präsentiert:


Achtung! Das „TANKARD“-Konzert am 24.03.2017 wird wegen Baumaßnahmen in der ExRakete von dort ins Exhaus Trier verlegt! Wir freuen uns TANKARD nach 11 Jahren dann endlich wieder mal im Exhaus begrüßen zu dürfen!

The story of TANKARD is an exceptional one: the Thrash Metal force from Frankfurt, Germany is around since the early 80s already, spearheading a wave of German Thrash bands who became successful worldwide (Kreator, Destruction, Sodom a.o.). And while a lot of other bands struggled, split up or came back with reunions, TANKARD never had these problems. They have always been there.

And they kept their worldwide fanbase for all these years, delivering one strong album after another. When you think of beer and Thrash Metal the name TANKARD is the first that will pop up for sure.

Founded in 1982 in Frankfurt, Germany their first sign of life was recorded in 1986 and indicated that not only the Ruhr district is the home of the growing German thrash metal scene. Since then they recorded almost as precisely as a clockwork one piece of finest thrash metal after another never taking themselves too seriously, enjoying their music and making their fans happy. Today their discography includes 14 studio records, two compilations, two DVDs and a live album.

Selfmade modern Deathmetal from Trier Germany.

“Ein Leben für den Stahl.”


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